Introduction to Psychology in Yale 12: Emotion_2

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Evolution, Emotion, and Reason: Emotions, Part 2

Professor Bloom contitunes the discussion of emotions as useful evolutionary adaptations for dealing with our social environment. In particular, this lecture describes evolutionary explanations for several important emotional responses, such as the love between parents adn their offspring, the gratitude we feel towards cooperative behaviors, the spite we feel for cheaters, and the cultural differences in feeling of revenge.

00:00 Emotional responses to caregivers and kin.

15:44 Question and answer on emotions towards kin.

18:14 Evolutionary explanations for emotional responses.

25:20 Cooperative behavior and the Prisoner's dilemma.

40:43 The ultimatum game, ratioinally and irrationality.

49:20 Cultures and honor.

This course was recorded in Spring 2007.

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