Introduction to Psychology

About the Course

The top-world course given by Ph.D Paul in Yale University provides a comprehensive view about Psychology, such as: What do your dreams mean? Do men and women differ in the nature and intensity of their sexual desires? Can apes learn sign language? Why can't we tickle ourselves? This course tries to answer these questions and many others range from perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, religion, persuasion, love, lust to hunger, art, fiction, and dreams. The lecture will look at how these aspects of the mind develop in children, how they differ across people, how they are wired-up in the brain, and how they break down due to illness and injury.

We greatly recommend these videos below for you to overview the wonderful landscape of this field. We show great appreciation to Prof. Paul Bloom in Yale University who gives us these extraordinary learning materials and makes online learning possible.




Video 1: Introduction

Video 6: Language

Video 11: Emotions

Video 2: Brain

Video 7: Conscious and language

Video 12: Emotion_2

Video 3: Freud

Video 8: Conscious_2

Video 13: Personality

Video 4: Skinner

Video 9: Love

Video 14: Sex

Video 5: Development

Video 10: Evolutiona & Rationality

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