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Hi, everyone, I am your teacher and friend Dr.YAN Zhixiong. I am so glad to show you rich resources about brain and education in which you are interested. Here, I will provide several online courses, personal views, and other up-to-date information to you.

As all you known, brain has been evoluting as the most complicated structure over the world. More than 10 billion neurons in brain effectively connect with each other in multiple levals. These connections underpin all cognitive processes, emotions and actions. A varietyr of fators influence brain development including genes, parent-offspring relatioinship, experiences, and education among which education may serve as a crucial one with profound and enduring effects.

Education plays as a cornerstone of life that not only works in macro-level like occupation but also changes in micro-level such as prunning of neural synapsis, generating new neural connectivity. In our works, we will focus on the behavioral factors and relationships that influence brain development, neural basis or mechanism that underpin psychological and behavioral changes through EEG and fMRI approaches. Besides, several related remarkable courses are also available for novice and professional learners.


E-Prime (With Ph.D Zhixiong Yan)

Introduction to Psychology (With Prof. Paul Bloom)





Educational Psychology


Advances in Psychology

Reliability of Psychological experimental paradigm

Coupling between cellphone addiction, sleep, and sports

Prosopagnosia's Eyetrack Characteristics

Temporal features of A flanker paradigm

Application fMRI in education

Relationship between behavior and mind

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